Your Pet's Safety Is Our
Top Priority

Join us on our mission to improve pet nutrition and pet protein sustainability. Made by Vivotein LLC and grown on pre-consumed food in our facilities in Ontario, California, our larvae grow rich in nutrients and divert food waste from landfills, reducing greenhouse gases.


Sustainable Feeding

The black soldier fly is an eco-warrior with the capacity to convert any compost into protein. They don't smell, don't damage crops, and don't carry diseases. Black Soldier Fly Larvae are an excellent source of calcium and high-quality proteins, with healthy fats, high digestibility, and a complete amino acid profile. BSFL protein may benefit dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs and has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Good Treats Made by Good People

Using proprietary technology, we can harness the natural life cycle of the Black Soldier Fly and produce eco-friendly sustainable protein for animal feed in a closed-loop cycle. Our mission is to provide high quality nutritious feed for dogs, poultry, fish and other animals, forever changing the way we think about protein.

We strive to earn your trust

Providing eco-friendly sustainable protein

Insect-based meals containing a complete amino acid profile

AFFCO compliant standards